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Walking on Tinos

Tinos is a wonderful place for walking. Traditional mule paths, some dating from Classical times, criss-cross the island and open up unexpected views of the magnificent landscape. They lead to lonely beaches, remote mountain scenery, secret valleys and many unspoiled hamlets.
If you want to strike out on your own, the trails are easy to find. All the villages on the island are connected by paths. Ask the locals for directions - older people especially are always happy to tell you where the trails start and where they go. Villages are never far from each other. You can easily visit more than one in a day. Round trips from the main town of Tinos are easy using buses and taxis for the return.
Or, if you prefer, you can join an organised walking tour led by an English and German speaking qualified guide. These are the tours we offer:

1. From Falatados to Livada beach - "Oaks and turtles"

2. From Porto, via Dio Horia, Falatados to Volax - "The Rock garden of the Giants"

3. Pirgos, Panormos, Isternia - "A planet at Sea and marble Villages"

4. Circular walk around Exombourgo - "Castles and Dovecotes"

5. From Agios Romanos, Kionia and Ktikados back to Tinos town - "Poseidon's Kingdom"

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